Peek A Boo DUDE

March 10, 2010

Follow the lives of two guys, Brandon and Chase, as they begin their adventure in the amateur porn world.  Having been old friends from college, these two set out on a journey of self-discovery.  They must learn the basics of running an amatuer pornsite, and deal with the problems that arise.



March 10, 2010

Brandon is an ambitious guy, but he doesn’t like to work to hard.  He figured amateur porn is where his talents lie.  He knew his best friend, Chase, would be there to help him with a smile.  Brandon likes to think he knows how the world turns.  And maybe he does, or maybe watching Golden Girls as a young boy screwed him up more than anyone will ever know.


March 10, 2010

Chase is a timid fellow who just kind of drifts by.  When his best friend, Brandon, first approached him with the porn-site idea Chase agreed with a smile, then continued to finger paint.  An accepting guy, Chase just takes the hand life deals him.  His hand never gets him down.  Truth be told he doesn’t know how to play poker anyways.